Cash Register Conversations

Well-intentioned, but awkward is how I would describe two current efforts to engage with customers when it’s not so clear those customers wish to be engaged with. I recently wrote about a McDonalds marketing promotion called “Pay With Lovin” wherein cashiers randomly profiled selected customers to act out an act of kindness in exchange for free…… Continue reading Cash Register Conversations

Not Lovin’ It: Two Ill-Fated Promotions

There’s nothing like a good facilitator to get a team’s creative juices flowing during an agency brainstorm session. I’ll never forget the late Charlie Farley — yes that’s his real name — after whom Cohn & Wolfe named its creativity award. Charlie had a knack for and a few cool techniques for extracting some out-of-the-box…… Continue reading Not Lovin’ It: Two Ill-Fated Promotions