Trump: The Art of the Lie

It’s hard to imagine how Mr. Trump can survive the incessant onslaught of negative media coverage until the GOP Convention in July, let alone the general election. (I imagine GOP kingmakers are currently conspiring on how to blackmail their controversial candidate to bow out of the race and begrudgingly endorse a Ryan or Romney in…… Continue reading Trump: The Art of the Lie

Russia Hacking The News

Anyone who follows the machinations of today’s news and social media ecosystems will no doubt recognize the danger to society when factually inaccurate stories catch fire and influence public opinion. We saw this following the Boston Marathon bombings and many other instances when legit, but impulsive journalists share unverified news with their social followers. The Online…… Continue reading Russia Hacking The News

Israel Ups Its Social Narrative On Gaza

In my last post, I talked about the recent Online News Association and Twitter-co-hosted meetup that explored the issue of verifying news and images that spread unchecked via social media. The topic, and the tools/techniques showcased, were put to the test the very next day with the downing of a Malaysian airline by Russian-backed separatists in…… Continue reading Israel Ups Its Social Narrative On Gaza