Facebook PR Exposed

Nick Confessore, one of The New York Times’s better-known investigative reporters, appeared on MSNBC’s “All in with Chris Hayes” within hours of The Times publishing its bombshell exposé on how Facebook dealt with the Russian crisis. The story was aptly titled “Delay, Deny and Deflect: How Facebook’s Leaders Fought Through Crisis.” Its verdict: FAIL. After six…… Continue reading Facebook PR Exposed

Do Paid Media Walls Further Divide Our Nation?

Hardly a day passes without my seeing a tweet from or about Civil, a new enterprise that will use blockchain technology and the sale of tokens to revive and sustain the badly battered journalism profession. Reimagining the news with #blockchain-based architecture https://t.co/xx50xG4ntU — Civil (@Join_Civil) August 24, 2018 Today the purveyors of high quality news are not only…… Continue reading Do Paid Media Walls Further Divide Our Nation?

Newspapers Getting Their Game On

A few years back at SXSW, the ubiquity of QR codes earned that promising AR-like technology the conference crown, in spite of its obvious flaws. The previous year, it was the geo-locating, Mayor-making check-in app FourSquare that emerged as the clear winner, especially for night crawlers and humble braggers. Each had their proverbial 15 minutes…… Continue reading Newspapers Getting Their Game On

Tinder Tackles Vanity Fair

PR pros in the earned media space (i.e., publicity) are all too familiar with the inevitable appearance of factual mistakes in the stories they successfully pitched to reporters. Just as there are fallible PR pros who simply fail to grasp the machinations of the news reporting process, there are (far too) many journalists prone to…… Continue reading Tinder Tackles Vanity Fair

The Shifting Tides Of Media And Journalism

Founded in 2006, PBS MediaShift has been a must-read for anyone toiling in the media trenches. I had a chance to catch up with its founder/executive editor Mark Glaser during his visit this week to New York City where he presided over the second annual Collab/Space New York workshop sponsored by the Donald W. Reynolds…… Continue reading The Shifting Tides Of Media And Journalism

A Fourth Estate No More

Several months ago I presided over a Publicity Club of New York panel featuring a handful of reporters and editors from news orgs that could very well represent the future of journalism. They were there to offer the 120+ NYC PR execs in attendance an overview of their “digitally native” approach to news gathering, content publishing and sharing…… Continue reading A Fourth Estate No More

Look What Mark Cuban Started

I don’t know how many times I’ve shared this tale of how Mark Cuban, in the nascent days of citizen journalism (i.e., blogging, CGM), took to his blog to pointedly refute, line-by-line, a decidedly negative New York Times profile of him by Andrew Ross Sorkin. (The original interview was conducted via email, the full text…… Continue reading Look What Mark Cuban Started