Twitter and Spotify Go Dark

There are many reasons┬ácompanies move to change their brand name or graphic identity. These changes range from the subtle like a modification in logo color to something more draconian like an entirely new company name. Invariably the decision to tinker with a brand identity rests on how the brand is perceived in the marketplace, and…… Continue reading Twitter and Spotify Go Dark

Netflix Tweets It To Comcast

It’s hard to know what will happen with the proposed merger between Comcast and Time-Warner Cable. For the longest time, it seemed that the latent overt consumer animosity toward both companies posed a death knell for the deal going through. Then again, one cannot underestimate the persuasive powers of the influence peddlers in the Beltway…… Continue reading Netflix Tweets It To Comcast

Tech Monopoly Money

A little more than ten years ago, I found myself sitting in the green room of NBC’s “Today” show alongside the founder/CEO of one of our agency’s largest clients, Sun Microsystems. I was asked to accompany Scott McNealy on the morning following his testimony before Congress about Microsoft’s monopolistic ways. I hadn’t previously met Mr.…… Continue reading Tech Monopoly Money

The Pleasure & Pain Of Branded Social Media

During a recent Bulldog Reporter webinar I moderated on the subject of media relations 2.0, a senior communications professional from the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) noted that when the organization wanted to announce news, it simply posted the story to its Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest pages, Twitter and Instagram feeds, and probably one or two…… Continue reading The Pleasure & Pain Of Branded Social Media