StubHub Throws Away Its Shot

It’s no secret that consumer-facing, social-savvy brands treat “influencers,” i.e., those with sizable followings on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and elsewhere with greater respect than other, more casual users of these channels. Even minor influencers, e.g., like me, obtain special treatment when publicly grousing about a disappointing experience. Case in point: last week, I ordered an…… Continue reading StubHub Throws Away Its Shot

NYC’s Best Ride: Uber, Via or Gett?

I had to get from the upper east side of Manhattan to Water Street in the financial district for a client meeting this week. My default ride-sharing service Via only operates from 110th Street to Houston Street, so it was not an option. Too bad, since Via’s pre-paid $5.40 (including tax) cost-per-ride is the best…… Continue reading NYC’s Best Ride: Uber, Via or Gett?

Uber’s Parisian PRedicament

Some months back, I was asked to appear on Bloomberg West to talk about Uber’s PR shortsightedness in the wake of a widely-reported, highly critical incident in Sydney, Australia that Mashable’s Seth Fiegerman summed up as follows: “Uber briefly introduced surge pricing up to four times the normal rate in Sydney on Monday during an…… Continue reading Uber’s Parisian PRedicament

Uber Vs. Some Hairy NYC Cabbies

If one were to name the top ten most successful startups in the last five years, everyone’s seemingly favorite on-demand car service Uber would invariably make the list. The taxi industry-disruptive service has more investors throwing more money at it than one can reasonably fathom. Its last round in June raised some $1.2 billion from…… Continue reading Uber Vs. Some Hairy NYC Cabbies