The Moscow Marriott

As the year 2014 takes its last breath, two stories caught my eye. The first from The New York Times explored how the Internet can still be a powerful tool to activate civil disobedience¬†even with draconian government censorship stifling free speech. The second from Boing Boing¬†(and elsewhere) exposed how the Marriott Corporation is¬†petitioning the FCC…… Continue reading The Moscow Marriott

Russia’s Media Trolls

Nearly six years ago, I penned a post titled “Leaders Who Lie,” mostly about the blatant misinformation campaign propagated by one Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. I followed it up several years later with a similarly themed post titled “PR Rogues Gallery,” which broadened the meme to include Yasser Arafat, Syria’s Assad, Libya’s Qaddafi and Russia, which could…… Continue reading Russia’s Media Trolls