Tears, Fears & Spears

As a Dad, I shudder to think about some of the questionable parenting techniques my wife and I deployed with our oldest child. Let him cry, don’t let him cry. Give his sled a nudge atop an ice-covered “suicide hill” when he was barely two years old. I’m sure glad there were no paparazzi around to document our momentary lapses in judgment!

I kind of feel bad for Britney. Sure she’s come a long way from the trailer park, but are her baby mishaps as bad as they are trumped up to be? Every new Mom or Dad has parenting skeletons in his or her closet. Ms. Spears’ latest splashed on the front page of today’s New York Post, prompting tears during a paparazzo break at FAO Schwarz.

This latest mishap follows on the heals of celebrity publicists Cindi Berger, Ken Sunshine and Michael Levine dishing on how they ply their brand of PR on a CNN special called “Chasing Angelina.” As Ms. Liz reports (also in today’s Post):

“IN THIS vein, it was fun to watch p.r. giants on CNN the other eve where such as Cindi Berger, Michael Levine and Ken Sunshine spoke about how they “spin” the lives and loves of their celebrity clients. And not one of them spurned the use of that word – spin – either.”

I confess that I didn’t see the special, but I suspect that the acceptance of the word spin as a verb didn’t add much to our industry’s reputation.

To CNN, they are “power publicists.” To Liz “p.r. giants.” To me…well, I just wonder where Harold, Dan, Al, Howard, Richard, and others fit in the mix.