That’s What Friends Are For


After overcoming their own unwanted headlines, the Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have once again assumed their leadership roles not only in the African-American community, but nationally and globally as well. So it perplexes me to think about what they hope to gain by rushing to the “Gloved One’s” side to lend support in advance of what may be Mr. Jackson’s conviction for child molestation.

Being a true friend is one thing, but even the ubiquitous Elizabeth Taylor all but abandoned ship when details emerged about the crimes of which the financially strapped Mr. Jackson is accused. In fact, Ms. Taylor seems lately to have gone batty. Speaking to Vanity Fair, she rationalized, “People don’t realize that Michael isn’t just wearing all those military insignias to make a fashion statement. He’s studied the ways of war and he’s ready to conquer his foes and turn California into the State of Neverland.”

I wonder what a conviction for this most heinous crime will mean to the fortunes of the two righteous reverends? Was the fleeting media attention worth the reputational risk?