The Perfect Pitch

Some days I can’t keep track of the notable PR-related stories that flow into my RSS reader. Other days, I struggle to find something redeeeming to write, praying that I don’t sound too echo chamberish.

Today’s Times had a little Metro story that I bet few, if any PR bloggers will glom on to. It told the story of how one PR pro used his PR skills — prose and the power of persuasion — to help a friend.

Michael Aiden McGuire is a copywriter for an advertising and PR firm in Syracuse, New York. His best friend, a life-long die-hard Yankee fan, is losing his eyesight and McGuire wanted to do something special for him. Here is the “pitch” letter he wrote:

“‘I’d like to tell you about my best friend, Michael Sayre,’ the letter began. ‘Michael is a 25-year-old diehard Yankees fan. He was born with glaucoma. Recently, he lost all vision in his right eye. Right now he’s hanging on to what vision he has left in his left eye, and his doctors don’t know how long it will remain healthy.

‘I knew I had to do something special for him. Something he’d never forget. I’d like to take him to a Yankee game and give him the chance to experience the game like never before — to walk on the field, sit in the dugout, hear the dirt crunch beneath his feet or have him meet his all-time Yankee favorite, Don Mattingly. Nothing would mean more to Michael than to get up close and personal with the team he is so passionate about.'”

The Yankees responded with two seats behind homeplate, a chance to watch batting practice and a meet-up with Don Mattingly. Separate pitch letters to Jet Blue and The Peninsula Hotel produced airline tix and a room at the swanky hotel.

Sure, the cause was a good one, but the prose nevertheless was heartfelt and relatable. Perhaps this merits a place in the “Good Pitch Blog?

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