The Wheels of Fortune


I will try my best not to politicize this space, even though personal bias seems to be encouraged in this medium called the blogosphere. Yet, one can’t help but have noticed how the wayward plane in Washington dominated the headlines yesterday and today, severely diluting the “news” of Macauley’s testimony. (Those in the PR profession know all too well how breaking news can affect one’s best laid plans to garner media attention. In this case, Macauley, you lucked out.)

How the evacuation was handled (or mis-handled) has overridden all other news on the cable networks. CNN aired over and over scenes of panicked White House workers evacuating, with armed police running wherever they were running to.

I found it curious to learn that while all of this was happening — smack in the middle of the work week, on a a beautifully sunny Wednesday afternoon — our President was bicycling at some nature reserve in Maryland. Go figure. I also found it amusing to learn that while the White House was being evacuated, someone forgot to alert the press corps about the imminent danger — a Freudian slip perhaps?