The World’s Smallest and Summer’s End

World’s Smallest Teen in Times Square for Ripley’s ENTER IF YOU DARE!

September always takes me by surprise. Maybe it’s that Labor Day was so late this year, or that the weather has been so balmy in NY, or that the hurricane hype of Earl hastily sucked the wind out of August.

Whatever the case, here we find ourselves in the second week of September, and I’m just not all that ready to jump back into the social media spin cycle. (Maybe this explains the lack of blog production of late). I also dumbly double-booked myself for two events tonight: Hacks & Hackers and the always fun New York Tech Meet-up. (Who’s the keeper of the master social media calendar anyway?)

Otherwise, my firm has been consumed with a little visitor from Nepal. And when I say little, I mean little. Client Ripley’s Believe It or Not! brought the world’s smallest teen (and the presumed world’s smallest man in one month’s time) to New York City this week to promote the company’s latest book ENTER IF YOU DARE!

At Katz’s Deli

Khagendra Thupar Magar, 17, at 22-inches tall and weighing just 10 lbs, has a thing for blondes, if you believe the New York Post. That NYC tab dispatched Mandy, the tallest blonde reporter in the newsroom, for “a date” with the diminutive fellow.  He also took to the macaroni salad at Katz’s Deli and seemed smitten with the Hindi-speaking doorman at the Empire state Building with whom he struck up a conversation. You gotta love this town!

World’s Smallest Meets City’s Finest

It was great of Gothamist’s Jen Carlson to pick up on the visit — the first to run the pic of Khagendra in Times Square with Officer Corales, one of NYC’s finest…but not so great for Gawker to weigh in with its usual snarky tone. Even so, Gawker reportedly is now more popular than every newspaper in America, save for one (my fave), Hence the post spoke a thousand words…and clearly reached more than the 3000 readers of this blog.

We’ll miss you Khagendra. (More images and video here.) What a way to end the summer. Now it’s back to the endless prognostications by the pundits and pontificators I follow on Twitter…if I must.

Photos: Peter Himler w/ a Canon PowerShot SX20 IS, Jason DeCraw/AP

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