Tired & True


A little retro seems to be the antidote for the travails of some stolid consumer brands. Today The AP reports that Cover Girl, which has about as much cache nowadays as Prince Matchabelli, has returned to its tried-and-true cover girl Christie Brinkley as the new/old face in its advertising. This news arrives on the heels of Chrysler’s campaign that resurrects Lee Iacocca’s spokeseman role in the much-reported TV spots for the ailing automaker. (The company seems better served with its edgy, some say sexist, campaign for Dodge.)

In any case, this is less about the persuasiveness of these two comfortable “celebrities” to sell product and more about the publicity pop that comes with their re-emergence on national TV. At least Cover Girl had the decency to tap Christie and not Cybill who’s too busy making appearances for UBS…I mean IBS.