United Wal-Mart of America


With the tens of millions Wal-Mart has spent to counter the relentless criticism of the company and its Microsoft-in-the-90’s evil image, it took one logistical initiative to capture the adoring spotlight of the national media. Between Fortune’s fawning story and The New York Times equally obsequious Op-Ed by John Tierney (subscription to TimesSelect required), each touting the company’s success in provisioning for Katrina victims, the PR people at Wal-Mart finally have something on which to hang their hats.

It’s not dissimilar to Donald Trump’s first (and some say only) work of benevolence that almost made his Presidential aspirations plausible. Goes to show that the least complex and visually illustrative actions by a company gain the greatest media traction and thus have the biggest reputational impact.

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