What Was She Thinking?


Why in the world would the 9/11 widow on Long Island ever agree to publicly share the most unsavory details of her life since that fateful day? Yesterday’s New York Post cover story in which Kathy Trant disclosed how she burnt through the millions she collected following the death of her husband, a $135,000-year trader at Cantor Fitzgerald, made Imelda Marcos’s conspicuous consumption look tame. (Think boob jobs, exotic vacations, home remodeling, expensive jewelry, Botox and many shoes…of the Carrie Bradshaw variety.)

She says she consented to the interview to teach people a lesson. “It’s disgusting. I’m ashamed of it,” she said, adding she hopes that telling her story will help others with the same problem.

I don’t know about you, but my only take-away from this piece was anger and pity. My advice to Mrs. Trant: follow in the Runaway Bride’s footsteps and check thee into a hospital for psychoanalysis. Who knows? It may ultimately get you a book/film deal and an appearance on a network morning show.