Your Weekend Video Viewing

Since I missed Friday’s deadline for pulling together this week’s video clips, I will use the occasion to rename the weekly roundup. Here are the top clips for your weekend video viewing.


Google’s stock price is soaring, and many believe it’s due to the quick ramp (20M+ invite-only users) of Google’s first (major) foray into social networking. Here’s one of many clips on Google+. Personally, I’m digging it, but can’t wait until allows me to tie it to my other social nets.

Dell, the Man

Other boffo earnings out this week came from Google-rival (on many fronts, especially mobile) Apple. The company released impossibly strong earnings. Embedded in the news was the fact that tablets — the iPad — is eating into laptop sales across the board. So what better time to catch up with Michael Dell of the PC company bearing his name? (via #DellCAP)

Skype Deal

The news has passed, but the implications are significant. Here’s a fresh look inside Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype. (via Megan Barnett at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech Conference.). If the embed code doesn’t pop below, watch the video clip

TV Talk Booking Insights for PR Pros

The club I run held a luncheon this week in New York featuring senior producers and talent bookers from five morning and daytime TV talk shows – Today, GMA, LIVE! With Regis & Kelly, Rachael Ray and the Wendy Williams Show. We had a sold crowd, and planned to livestream the panel. Murphy’s Law raised its ugly head, and the stream didn’t come off. Here are the rough videos from the five presenters. Edelman’s Lisa Kovitz, a PCNY board member, moderates.

GMA’s Patty Neger:

Regis & Kelly’s Kelly Burkhard, Today’s Angela LaGreca:

Wendy Williams’ Rena Popp & Rachael Ray’s Tommy Crudup:

NYC (in Video Games)

Finally, here’s a clever compilation of New York City as its portrayed in video games. Enjoy.

(via Gothamist