Your Weekend Viewing

The Man 

Here’s to the Crazy Ones (circa 1997) narrated by Steve Jobs

A nervous 23-year-old Steve Jobs about to go on TV (via BusinessInsider)

To Steve Jobs on his 30th Birthday (via The Next Web)

Steve Talks to Apple Marketing Team in 1997 (via Ad Age)

Steve Jobs Macworld 2001 (Tour of First Apple Store)

Steve Jobs Insult Response (WWDC) via Fast Company


Steve Jobs Commencement Speech @ Stanford University in 2005

Steve Jobs: “My Model for Business is the Beatles” (via 60 Minutes)

Steve Jobs & Bill Gates together w/Walt Mossberg (AllThingsD – 2007)

Steve Jobs last Public Appearance – Cupertino City Council Meeting (via The Next Web)


Those Who Knew Him

Woz via Bloomberg TV

John Sculley: Steve Jobs was Finest CEO Ever (via Bloomberg TV)

Walt Mossberg Reflects on Jobs’ Life (AllThingsD via Fox Business News)


Mayor Mike, at the Opening of Twitter’s NY offices, Opens with a Tribute to Steve Jobs

PBS NewsHour w/ Steve Case, Vincent Cerf and Xeni Jardin


Watch the full episode. See more PBS NewsHour.

Eric Schmidt’s Poignant Interview on Steve Jobs (via Bloomberg TV HT The Next Web

Media Tributes

Cult of Mac Video Tribute

New York Times‘s media editor Bruce Headlam on Steve Jobs’ influence on media

Jon Stewart’s Video Tribute 

Stephen Colbert Tribute

CNN Video Tribute


Wired Video Tribute


A video moment of silence for Steve Jobs courtesy of Scientific American

His Fans

Apple’s greatest fan courtesy of ABC News

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Mourners at Fifth Ave. Apple Store via Business Insider

We All Are Steve


Casey Neistat HT Dennis Crowley
for Steve jobs from Casey Neistat on Vimeo.

A Two-Year-Old’s Tribute to Steve Jobs (via CNN iReport)

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