Your Weekend Viewing


So it appears that the marketing team at Zaarly, a site that helps you “buy and sell with people around you,” approached the uber-influential tech site founded and run by one of the company’s investors, to produce a quirky promotional video leveraging said founder’s new executive assistant. Here’s the piece on TechCrunch and the video:

Simon Says 

Anyone following the Twitter musings and curated content from branding consultant Simon Mainwaring, author and funder of We First, will appreciate his take on the brave new world in which we marketing communications types currently thrive. Here’s Mr. Mainwaring’s recent talk in Milan on how language is changing advertising.


While I’m waiting for my official Twitter verification, the folks at Google+, not to be outdone, introduced their on verification badges for “… for celebrities, public figures, and people who have been added to lots of circles.” The GooglePlusUpdates channel on YouTube assures us plebians to “Stay tuned as we expand this feature to more Google+ users.” I’m holding my breath.


Urban Pacman

This video speaks for itself. Gobble.

Startup Your Engines’s media maven Zach Seward shared this CNBC appearance by Steve Case in which the former AOL founder talks about Startup America.

Hairy Eyeball

This video is not for the squeamish. It comes from the all-seeing team at TechCrunch.

Creepy Cable Guy

I always thought that Jim Carrey was a bit wacky, but I never thought he was a whack-job…until now.  Mr. Carrey decided to videotape himself, up close and personal, professing his love for 22-year-old actress Emma Stone. In so doing, he lamented the disparity in age between the two thespians.  (The unflattering close-up dramatized this point.) As the video went viral, Mr. Carrey’s PR handlers characterized it as a joke.  Me? I think it’s a not insignificant career misstep by Ace Ventura.  Maybe only Charlie Sheen would disagree.


Jobs Appeal

Steve Jobs shocked and saddened the world this week with his decision to step down as CEO of Apple. I touched on it in a bit my post from earlier this week. Here’s a video of Mr. Jobs’ last public appearance (June 7) before the Cupertino City Council concerning the company’s application to build an extraordinary new headquarters. (via TechCrunch)



Between Jim Carrey and Steve Jobs, it’s only appropriate that we end this post with some video of Hurricane iRene taken from space to give peeps a sense of thus hurricane’s historic footprint. OMG – it’s set to land in here in less than 24 hours! I better pull in the outdoor furniture. (For my readers on the east coast: please stay safe.)