Your Weekend Viewing

iPad Head Girl

Yes. The title is literal and the clip is set in the “Big (iPad Parent Co.)” whose inhabitants are rarely fazed by anything. via @carr2n

The Dell Repairman

Who knew that Dell even had a vlog? Here’s a late night call to one abnormally accommodating corporate IT guy.

Flying Macbook Air

But will it blend?

Flying Macbook Air Spot in the Making

Under the Hood of Google Search

Love the little bowler on the podium of San Francisco’s Churchill Club, which is to the tech world what the National Press Club is to politics. This 90-minute session features Google search luminaries Matt Cutts, Ben Gomes, and Amit Singhal.

LinkedIn and the U.S. Job Dilemma

A couple days before some mildly encouraging employment numbers were released, another 90-minute panel of luminaries gathered in Palo Alto under the aegis of the White House Council on Jobs and Effectiveness. The panelists featured require no hyperlinks: Steve Case, John Doerr, Reed Hastings and Sheryl Sandberg. Chris Anderson moderated. Reporting on the session for Gov20.govfresh was Alex Howard who is Radar’s Government 2.0 Correspondent for 
O’Reilly Media, where he covers technology, open government and online civics. Neat twist: audience questions came in via LinkedIn, which this week surprised the street with a better than expected Q2 earnings report. .


Time Magazine and Gloria Steinem. Hmmm. I’ll hold my tongue, except to say that Ms. Steinem looks and sounds fabulous. Here’s a Q&A with the pathbreaking feminist, media executive and Playboy bunny that coincides with the August 15 HBO airing of a documentary on her life. via Time Magazine

McDonalds’s Unhappy Meal

My pal Steve Farnsworth draws our attention to a catchy hip hop video that could very well spell trouble for the world’s #1 QSR. This description very succinctly captures the potential PR nightmare: Man Breaks Tooth On McDonald’s Burger Containing A Bone. Mickey D Jerks The Guy Around. Now It’s A YouTube Video.