ZR1: Green for Green

Love that post from Gawker’s Jalponik in which the venerable Motor Trend is outed for allegedly gaming Google’s organic results. Here’s how it went down.

The first 2009 600-hp ZR1 Corvette sold at auction over the weekend, and a search on Google for “ZR1 road test” had Motor Trend in the poll position atop the results ranking board.

Now the less-venerable, but still very influential Jalopnik, which also reported on the Porsche-wannabe American icon, cried false start by its motor-trendy brother.

“Basically, if someone does a search for something like “2009 corvette zr1 road test”…they’d end up with Motor Trend right on top of the search results. This despite [Motor Trend] not actually having a road test for the prospective reader to read on the new ‘vette.”

So Jalopnik, ever heard of search-optimizing one’s site?

In related news, we learn that the 2009 ZR1 not only will go from 0–>60 in 4.0 seconds, but its new engine could very well get 28-30 highway miles-per-gallon!

A vette that exceeds EPA standards? At what price? The first one of these beauties fetched “an even million” at auction in Scottsdale this weekend. I’ll stick with my Audi.