Many of today’s most viral story memes originate with coverage from trusted media sources. Yet, traditional mainstream media outlets no longer have the lock on driving a national conversation. Today’s memes are as likely to emanate from sites with names like Quartz, Slate, Gawker, Pando Daily, Re/code, Politico, Mashable, Gothamist, The Wrap, Wired, and Buzzfeed, as they are from The New York Times, AP, Bloomberg, CNN or the Wall Street Journal.

The successful engagement of editorial gatekeepers at these burgeoning sites and blogs, as well as at the more mainstream news organizations remains a core deliverable for every PR firm in business today. With this said, the number of seasoned media-relations executives, i.e., those who understand, empathize and successfully engage with increasingly beleaguered reporters and producers, continues to dwindle.

Flatiron offers its clients access to the many new technologies and tools to help them identify exactly which influencers will be the most receptive to their overtures. The firm and its founder have built a reputation on media smarts and the successful navigation of the vastly altered editorial landscape.

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