Influencer/Journalist Engagement

Many of today’s most viral story memes originate with coverage from trusted media sources. Yet, traditional mainstream media outlets no longer have the lock on driving a national conversation. Today’, the conversation is as likely to emanate from sites Recode, Politico, Axios, The Wrap, Wired, and Buzzfeed, as they are from The New York Times, AP, Bloomberg, CNN, NBC News or the Wall Street Journal. Read More

Content Marketing

By now, we are all familiar with the three legs of the marketing stool: paid (advertising), earned (publicity) and owned (original content) each of which is used to varying degrees to drive modern communications campaigns. Less familiar are hybrid models such as earned/owned (contributed) and paid/owned (sponsored) on which online publishers increasingly rely and which editorial-centric PR pros are best-equipped to create. Read More

Digital/Social Media Strategy

Today, companies can no longer rely exclusively on the benevolence of journalists to advance their strategic messaging. Their current and prospective customers simply take their news and information from a myriad sources whenever and wherever they please.  Read More

Other Services

  • Executive/Brand Positioning
  • Communications/Media Training
  • Crisis/Issues Management
  • Media Event Creation and Production
  • Marketing Sevices