Tara’s Halo Effect


The AP is reporting that America’s second favorite party girl, Tara Reid, has a new series that’s been green-lighted to air on E! Entertainment Television. “Wild On” will take viewers to the front of the velvet ropes to catch the silcone-enhanced, foul-mouthed, trouble-making, would-be porno star Reid make mischief on the club circuit. (There’s only so much we can do as image-makers to gloss over the seamier side of one’s personal life.) Anyway, Reid’s primetime cable splash could be bigger than even Lizzie Grubman’s “Power Girls” on MTV!

Ms. Reid’s contribution to America’s cultural lexicon contrasts with the news today that the Best Buy consumer electronics chain has caved to a threatened boycott by the Christian Brother Investment Services if the store did not take measures to limit the sale of video games that the investmnent fund deemed offensive, e.g., “Grand Theft Auto,” “Halo,” and others. Both E! and Best Buy obviously have their bottom lines in mind.