On the Matter of AI in PR

I recently penned a piece on NotebookLM, an AI platform now in beta at Google Labs. Toward the end, I wrote, “I’m pretty sure I’m just scratching the surface of what this cool new AI tool is capable of doing.” The PR world is ablaze with those claiming to use AI and machine learning technology in their daily…… Continue reading On the Matter of AI in PR

NotebookLM — an “SLM” of Note

Google Labs In a rare visit back to TwitterX, I fortuitously stumbled across a conversation between the prolific author Steven B. Johnson, now editorial director of Google Labs (who knew?), and This Week in Startup’s host and MAGA wannabee Jason Calacanis. In the convo/demo, the erudite Mr. Johnson kvelled over his latest creation, NotebookLM. https://youtu.be/Uu6bxAbgAGU?si=Ic4QOAHVxuDOpUfD While the world marvels at the large language models…… Continue reading NotebookLM — an “SLM” of Note

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Where Founders, VCs, Creators, and Journalists Collide

In Toronto’s Distillery District In my last post, I offered some personal observations and select conversations from several media panels at the 2022 Collision Conference, which just concluded in Toronto. Here I’d like to share some memorable moments, which included taking the ContentMakers Stage alongside three path-breaking entrepreneurs who built their companies by helping gamers…… Continue reading Where Founders, VCs, Creators, and Journalists Collide

Collision’s Audacious Return to Toronto

It’s been three years since Web Summit’s sister tech conference, Collision was physically held at Toronto’s Enercare Centre. This year the tech confab returned big time, with a sold-out audience of 35,000+ and more than a fair share of forward-thinking founders, entrepreneurs, VCs, and established tech giants and luminaries to fill the nearly four days of programming…… Continue reading Collision’s Audacious Return to Toronto

Substack, Media Fragmentation & PR

How the Explosion in News Creators impact Communications Pros It was inevitable. The ability to profit from a personal news brand through the creation and distribution of original content has gotten even easier. “We the media” started 15+ years ago with CGM/blogging and, to a lesser degree, podcasting and has evolved to the point where established journalists…… Continue reading Substack, Media Fragmentation & PR

PR Firms: Doing Well, But Doing Good?

Can An Industry That Advocates for its Clients to Embrace ‘Social Good’ Practice What it Preaches? It’s been a long-time pet peeve of mine to observe how many reputable firms in the PR industry will accept clients whose business or advocacy goals raise ethical questions. We’ve seen big oil companies retain PR agencies to publicly tout their social good…… Continue reading PR Firms: Doing Well, But Doing Good?