1. FYI, the Jen Psaki question is outdated. I took the quiz on May 16 when she was no longer WH press sec, which is why I chose her role as an MSNBC host as the only option. There wasn’t an option to choose all that apply.

    1. You’re right, Lindsey. The question was a little vague. I’ll amend to make it clearer.


  2. I would suggest adding something on PR in general adding value to a client’s marketing mix. All these People magazine details are worthless unless they contribute to a company’s bottom line.

    1. Thanks, Steve. Good suggestion. Not so much People magazine-like, as it is a whirlwind of editorial people and trends. That said, earlier iterations of the quiz, going back decades, had many open-ended and subjective questions on best PR practices. Unfortunately, Google Forms, which makes the test interactive and gradable for the first time, does not easily accommodate such questions. Peter

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