Google Glass’s #1 Fan

For an unreleased product whose initial price point (and utility?) remains a disconnect for most people, Google Glass (via Google+ and Twitter) certainly has garnered a boffo share of media attention – good, bad and geeky.In Sunday’s New York Times, two professors examine a new dimension of the Google Glass phenomenon: the dangers that real-time digital distraction…… Continue reading Google Glass’s #1 Fan

Media’s Future & Cupcakes

On Friday, the last day of Internet Week/NY, I finally extricated myself from client obligations and set off to check out two happenings near one another in the city: the TechMunch Food Bloggers Conference and I Want Media’s “Future of Media” panel of players and pundits waxing poetic on, well, the future of media.Stephens, Cupcake QueenIf food’s…… Continue reading Media’s Future & Cupcakes

Internet Week NY: A Digital Feast

What a week, this week in New York! For those of you off the grid (or in South Africa for the World Cup), this week is Internet Week in the Big Apple. If you thought Social Media Week overflowed with pundits and pontificators ushering in a new digital world order, #IWNY puts Social Media Week…… Continue reading Internet Week NY: A Digital Feast