Desperately Seeking Social in 2010

Has anyone noticed any 2010 ‘best of” lists of late? They’re impossible to avoid. The prognosticating pundits are literally coming out of the digital woodworks!Some are prophetic, others, less so. Here’s a link to a compilation of predictions from a year ago. You decide.The re-tweeted round-ups that dominate my Twitterstream tend to focus on trends…… Continue reading Desperately Seeking Social in 2010

Craig and Scott’s Communities

While most of the Community 2.0 Conference is focused on the business enterprise, there’s much to be gleaned from consumer-driven communities. The panel that featured Craig’s List founder Craig Newmark, CEO Scott Meyer and Social Signal’s Alexandra Samuel explored this. Giovanni Rodriguez, a Valley-based PR/marketing consultant, moderated.I’m sure you can find a more substantive…… Continue reading Craig and Scott’s Communities