Desperately Seeking Social in 2010

Has anyone noticed any 2010 ‘best of” lists of late? They’re impossible to avoid. The prognosticating pundits are literally coming out of the digital woodworks!Some are prophetic, others, less so. Here’s a link to a compilation of predictions from a year ago. You decide.The re-tweeted round-ups that dominate my Twitterstream tend to focus on trends…… Continue reading Desperately Seeking Social in 2010

A Pre-Tour Publicity Campaign

You gotta love Roger Friedman, Fox’s acerbic and most amusing gossipist. I bet he honed his killer instincts at Camp Greylock, the venerable all boys sports camp where I first met him as an 11-year-old. I digress.Roger astutely asserts in his latest column that the queen of pop, or more specifically, her manager, has manufactured…… Continue reading A Pre-Tour Publicity Campaign