Publicity Dead? Hardly.

Let’s face it. As ubiquitous as the term social media has become in the PR person’s lexicon (and hopefully client programs) the majority of pros still continue to engage journalists as part of their core service offering.Many (mistakenly) believe that “blogger engagement” falls under the social media rubric, when in fact, it resides squarely in…… Continue reading Publicity Dead? Hardly.


In a previous post, I relayed the story of a prominent CEO client of mine whose name was unceremoniously commandeered on today’s popular microblogging platform. (Is there any other?)I was asked by my client to try to put the kibash on the rogue Twitter handle. I appealed directly to two of Twitter’s three co-founders and…they…… Continue reading De-trended

The Back-of-the-Book Media Diet

For those PR peeps who continue to use the mainstream media to advance their clients’ communications goals (i.e., most of you), the choice of which media outlets to court for interviews can play a key role in determining the editorial tenor of the coverage.It was thus no accident this week when Dick Cheney turned up…… Continue reading The Back-of-the-Book Media Diet

Sex in the Media Fishbowl

The inimitable Jeff Bercovici, a survivor of the recent Portfolio (and Condé Nast) trim-down, today tells us about the impending piece from Michael Wolff (at right) in which the Vanity Fair contributor and founder promises to share his fatalistic fling through New York’s gossip grind, and with the New York Post in particular.The titillating…… Continue reading Sex in the Media Fishbowl

Step and Repeat

As the propagation of news has gone from top-down to bottom-up to sideways, the client mandate of building a positive presence in the media and social spheres remains a constant.Outside of technology and consumer packaged goods, I’d argue that Hollywood has embraced the new marketing rules as much as any industry. The just concluded OMMA…… Continue reading Step and Repeat

Seth’s Tribal Order

In December, I read Seth Godin’s wisp of a book Tribes in which the esteemed digital pundit rallies his marketing-minded readers to break with tradition and take a leading role in the new world order.In a January 2008 post on his blog, he explained it this way: “Brand management is so 1999. Brand management was…… Continue reading Seth’s Tribal Order

Blogs Beget Broadcast

Years ago, when a story popped on a network morning show or evening newscast, invariably it had its origin in some daily newspaper somewhere. Any quick Factiva or Lexis-Nexis search could confirm that.And we all know those longer-form psycho segments on ABC’s “20/20” or CBS’s “48 Hours,” featuring some Lothario with many wives, some murdered,…… Continue reading Blogs Beget Broadcast

A Pre-Tour Publicity Campaign

You gotta love Roger Friedman, Fox’s acerbic and most amusing gossipist. I bet he honed his killer instincts at Camp Greylock, the venerable all boys sports camp where I first met him as an 11-year-old. I digress.Roger astutely asserts in his latest column that the queen of pop, or more specifically, her manager, has manufactured…… Continue reading A Pre-Tour Publicity Campaign