The Bloomberg Files

Oh the irony of ironies! Leave it to Gawker to re-open the Bloomberg spying debacle with new revelations on just what client information reporters had access to. Gawker’s Nitasha Tiku is giving Hamilton Nolan a run for his money in the “make-a-splash” department though it’s doubtful she’ll ever match his proclivity for profanity.In her piece…… Continue reading The Bloomberg Files

A Rare Tumblr Stumblr

Consumers of today’s most edge-worthy media have more than their fair share of caustic fodder to digest, what with Gawker and its sibling sites. I mean who doesn’t relish Hamilton Nolan’s periodic profane-laden posts? Those sites’ owner, Mr. Nick Denton, recently resurrected Valley Wag to add some much-needed spice to the echo chamber that dominates…… Continue reading A Rare Tumblr Stumblr

Shell-Shocking Creativity

Many marketers toiling in the new media and communications paradigm view a campaign’s virality as the holy grail measurement of success.  The bar to achieve such digital and social nirvana, however, is higher than ever given the firehose of content gushing from myriad sources. Did you know that YouTubers upload 72 hours of video every minute…… Continue reading Shell-Shocking Creativity

Friday’s Video Views

Meet Yammer’s, I Mean Geni’s David SacksWhen I saw last year that David Sacks would present at Steve Itzler’s BDI Conference in New York, I signed on just to say hello. It wasn’t so much for the attention Sacks has received for inventing Yammer, i.e., “Twitter for Business” (behind the firewall, as much as it…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Rahm on the Rails

Rahm’s Listening Tour in Chi-town Some months back, I blogged about the content aggregators that I, as the proprietor of a percolating PR consultancy, strive to follow.I bring it up again since the subject of today’s post was gleaned from one of the PR sites I keep tabs on, even if the site’s master curator and…… Continue reading Rahm on the Rails

The World’s Smallest and Summer’s End

World’s Smallest Teen in Times Square for Ripley’s ENTER IF YOU DARE!September always takes me by surprise. Maybe it’s that Labor Day was so late this year, or that the weather has been so balmy in NY, or that the hurricane hype of Earl hastily sucked the wind out of August. Whatever the case, here…… Continue reading The World’s Smallest and Summer’s End

The Bad Pitch Wiki

As the long-time, but recently retired editor of the Gawker-owned A-list blog Lifehacker, Gina Trapani has moved effortlessly in tech and social media’s rarefied circles. In her editorial gatekeeper role, she also received more than a fair share of inane or misguided story pitches from lazy or vendor-reliant PR people.Now that she’s out of her…… Continue reading The Bad Pitch Wiki

Sex in the Media Fishbowl

The inimitable Jeff Bercovici, a survivor of the recent Portfolio (and Condé Nast) trim-down, today tells us about the impending piece from Michael Wolff (at right) in which the Vanity Fair contributor and founder promises to share his fatalistic fling through New York’s gossip grind, and with the New York Post in particular.The titillating…… Continue reading Sex in the Media Fishbowl