The World’s Smallest and Summer’s End

World’s Smallest Teen in Times Square for Ripley’s ENTER IF YOU DARE!September always takes me by surprise. Maybe it’s that Labor Day was so late this year, or that the weather has been so balmy in NY, or that the hurricane hype of Earl hastily sucked the wind out of August. Whatever the case, here…… Continue reading The World’s Smallest and Summer’s End

The Hype on Hyperlocal

There was some trepidation among a few of us on the board of the Publicity Club of New York. Would a session on the very vogue and increasingly significant (to PR peeps) “Local/Hyperlocal Media” market be a draw?Yesterday we learned the answer. Nearly 100 PR pros turned out on an unusually cool, misty May day…… Continue reading The Hype on Hyperlocal