EMail: Love it or Hate it

For more than a decade, email has endured as the preferred mode for engaging journalists in an “earned media” paradigm. Of course, the term earned media wasn’t in the PR lexicon ten years ago. We simply called it media or editorial relations.PCNY Panel (8/7): NY Daily News, Good Day NY, HuffPost, WPLJ, BuzzfeedAs much as…… Continue reading EMail: Love it or Hate it

PR Redefined

Over the weekend, I received an email from Keith Trivitt who (literally) manages PR for PR’s sake. He’s the in-house communications pro for PRSA, the industry’s trade association. Keith tipped me off to a new campaign by the organization that hopes to “modernize” the definition of public relations in a world where social media has…… Continue reading PR Redefined

Your Weekend Video Viewing

Since I missed Friday’s deadline for pulling together this week’s video clips, I will use the occasion to rename the weekly roundup. Here are the top clips for your weekend video viewing. Google+Google’s stock price is soaring, and many believe it’s due to the quick ramp (20M+ invite-only users) of Google’s first (major) foray into…… Continue reading Your Weekend Video Viewing

Meet the Media

Forbes “Mixed Media” Columnist Jeff BercoviciForbes media watcher Jeff Bercovici set tongues-a-waggin yesterday with his piece piling on an already beleaguered David Pogue. It seems that the consummate and always-entertaining gadget guy for The New York Times and elsewhere, like hundreds of journalists before him, agreed to participate in one of the many industry events…… Continue reading Meet the Media

Glossing Over the News Release

At yesterday’s PCNY lunch, I sat next to BusinessWire’s Christine Corey. “How’s business?” I wondered. “As good as ever,” she replied.For those who follow this space, you may have noticed my last post in which I decried Vocus for inaccurately tagging me in its media database as a tech reporter. Suddenly, scores of irrelevant (to…… Continue reading Glossing Over the News Release

The Hype on Hyperlocal

There was some trepidation among a few of us on the board of the Publicity Club of New York. Would a session on the very vogue and increasingly significant (to PR peeps) “Local/Hyperlocal Media” market be a draw?Yesterday we learned the answer. Nearly 100 PR pros turned out on an unusually cool, misty May day…… Continue reading The Hype on Hyperlocal

The Social Season

So many new media confabs, and no clones available to attend them. I thus decided to stay local to audit Stowe Boyd’s inaugural Social Business Edge event held at Fleishman Hillard’s New York offices yesterday.I had a chance to hear Mr. Boyd’s overview of the business world’s new social order, the acerbic and entertaining wit…… Continue reading The Social Season

Apple’s WiiPhone Shortage?

What else can one say about Mark Penn?Looking ahead to tomorrow’s Publicity Club of New York luncheon with Huff Post, Business Week,, New York Magazine Online and Media Post, I visited BW’s “Blogspotting” whose co-editor Stephen Baker will represent the McGraw Hill flagship title.My eyes turned to the videopost from Steve’s co-editor Heather Green…… Continue reading Apple’s WiiPhone Shortage?

Client 9

I’ve been a little truant in communicating via this space today. It’s called client overload (versus Spitzer overload). Hope to pick it up tomorrow when I’m planning to cover (and Twitter) some of the presentations at the McGraw-Hill Media Summit in New York City. Also, PCNY just posted its next luncheon and it’s a winner.…… Continue reading Client 9

Goodbye Mr. Peanut, Hello Mahmoud

It’s no secret that the brave new world of 2.0 is awash with myriad conferences and industry gatherings covering just about any subject that could hold sway with one’s imagination. But guess which industries have the most to gain (or lose) from these social media-fueled confabs? Right. Advertising and PR.With that said, New York City’s…… Continue reading Goodbye Mr. Peanut, Hello Mahmoud