Goodbye Mr. Peanut, Hello Mahmoud

It’s no secret that the brave new world of 2.0 is awash with myriad conferences and industry gatherings covering just about any subject that could hold sway with one’s imagination. But guess which industries have the most to gain (or lose) from these social media-fueled confabs? Right. Advertising and PR.With that said, New York City’s…… Continue reading Goodbye Mr. Peanut, Hello Mahmoud

Conference Cornucopia

Who missed David Pogue and Steven Levy’s gushing coverage of the TED Conference in Monterey the week before last? Talk about a hot ticket!Then there was January’s Always On Confab in New York, and its sibling AO Hollywood skedded for the first week of May. I just attended the first Community 2.0 Conference in Vegas,…… Continue reading Conference Cornucopia