Malcolm in the Middle

One can’t help but notice the brouhaha that Malcolm Gladwell tipped with his prominent dis-endorsement of Chris Anderson’s latest book Free.His New Yorker magazine review of the timely tome, which portends an age where all media content shall be set free, prompted many in the Twittersphere to weigh in (mostly in favor of Mr. Anderson’s…… Continue reading Malcolm in the Middle

The News Release: Content or Context?

As PR types continue their obsession with the format and purpose of the modern-day news release, this resilient vehicle for allegedly breaking news continues to flourish in most industry circles. A quick scan of any 30-minute weekday block on Business Wire or PR Newswire will dispel any notion that the press release is dead.Even so,…… Continue reading The News Release: Content or Context?

(Re)capturing the Friedmans

I have mixed feelings about The New York Times’s considerations to discontinue TimesSelect*. On the one hand, why shouldn’t The Times charge a premium for its premium content?The extraordinary expense entailed in producing that quality content mandates the adoption of new and different revenue models…especially in this day and (newspaper) age.Times Select is a bold…… Continue reading (Re)capturing the Friedmans

Conference Cornucopia

Who missed David Pogue and Steven Levy’s gushing coverage of the TED Conference in Monterey the week before last? Talk about a hot ticket!Then there was January’s Always On Confab in New York, and its sibling AO Hollywood skedded for the first week of May. I just attended the first Community 2.0 Conference in Vegas,…… Continue reading Conference Cornucopia