Zucker to CNN…Presumably

Jeff ZuckerIt is 3pm Wednesday, and the news of former NBCUni’s chief Jeff Zucker’s ascension to the leadership of CNN Worldwide has still not yet been confirmed by Time-Warner, nor Mr. Zucker himself. Even so, the Twitterstream was buzzing last night and today with hedged assertions that this news was manifest. Leading the charge was…… Continue reading Zucker to CNN…Presumably

Quote Approval & Fallible Journalists

The executive editor of an influential technology news site recently replied to my email about a client’s breakthrough new technology. He tried it, had Web connectivity issues, and quickly declared: “Seriously, I’ve looked at several such services, and this is not special. In fact, it’s a generic Windows DaaS service. So, please, stop pitching it…… Continue reading Quote Approval & Fallible Journalists

Those Five-Star Reviews

How important are consumer-generated reviews in your purchase-making decisions? If you’re like me, the answer is VERY. When assessing hotels, the write-ups on Virtual Tourist and Trip Advisor invariably make or break my booking. The reviews on Yelp play the deciding role in tipping the restaurant scales. Same with Fandango for movie reviews.Then there’s the…… Continue reading Those Five-Star Reviews

Meet the Media

Forbes “Mixed Media” Columnist Jeff BercoviciForbes media watcher Jeff Bercovici set tongues-a-waggin yesterday with his piece piling on an already beleaguered David Pogue. It seems that the consummate and always-entertaining gadget guy for The New York Times and elsewhere, like hundreds of journalists before him, agreed to participate in one of the many industry events…… Continue reading Meet the Media

Newsing the Web

We’re in the midst of another one of those mindboggling weeks in New York City for anyone toiling in the PR, marketing, media, and digital arenas. So much to see. So much to do. FourSquare check-ins are swarming. It’s Internet Week!Of course, working stiffs need to be judicious about the events they choose to attend.…… Continue reading Newsing the Web

Re-Cycled Media Monitoring

(Real-Time) Twitter Activity for #LessAmbitiousMoviesThe New York Times today followed Bobby Maldonado as he headed out to work in our nation’s capital in the darkness before sunrise. His job: reading, capturing and sharing with his bosses at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce every important news story or blog post relevant to the issues they’re facing.”Mr.…… Continue reading Re-Cycled Media Monitoring

Friday’s Video Views

Creative ChaosOne of my favorite authors and storytellers Malcolm Gladwell treats us to his opinion of what makes creative people tick. Thanks to my friends over at Big Think for posting. Birthday Circa 2011So what if you turned over your eight-year-old’s birthday party to an ad agency? Adweek’s AdFreak blog shows us. (Love this.)Page One–>SundanceIf…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Friday’s Video Views

Social TV: Boxee Box DemoThis week, the much buzzed-about Boxee box shipped. Some say it may be better than its deeper-pocketed rivals Google TV and Apple TV. Here’s a review from the Hill Holliday blog. Bulldogs: Brill and Woodward on Campus Yale University’s Poynter Fellowship in Journalism sponsored a chat with Steven Brill and Bob…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

The Hype on Hyperlocal

There was some trepidation among a few of us on the board of the Publicity Club of New York. Would a session on the very vogue and increasingly significant (to PR peeps) “Local/Hyperlocal Media” market be a draw?Yesterday we learned the answer. Nearly 100 PR pros turned out on an unusually cool, misty May day…… Continue reading The Hype on Hyperlocal