Twitter and TED’s Ten Million X Prize

For those who follow this space, you will have noticed more than its share of posts about the trials and tribulations of a certain British oil company.The significance of this story first struck me on April 27, a week after the explosion of Deepwater Horizon. I wrote: “Today I’m keeping an eye on a developing…… Continue reading Twitter and TED’s Ten Million X Prize

Friday’s Video Views

This week’s edition has David Kirkpatrick on his Facebook Effect and Techonomy, the iPad’s latest accessory, a New York Congressman’s opinion of BP’s spokespersons, Scoble’s next big thing in location-based companies, and Stephen Colbert’s PR-Mageddon.Zuckerberg: Grow First, Monetize LaterThe Business Insider’s Nich Carlson was one of the many interviews that Facebook Effect author and Techonomy…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

A Pool Approach to Coverage

“Should the volatility of a company’s stock price determine how public information on an environmental disaster be delivered to the public?”This is the crux of the issue that “The Media Equation’s” David Carr raises in his always must-read column today “A Disaster, Privately Managed.” In essence, the command-and-control approach taken by BP and its PR…… Continue reading A Pool Approach to Coverage

BP’s New Campaign: Just Hot Air?

For PR pundits everywhere, especially those with outlets to spread their musings, BP is the gift that keeps on giving. This blogger has written three posts on the beleaguered company thus far, and with every new day, a potentially bloggable wrinkle emerges around company’s efforts to manage this most unnatural disaster, and its own reputation.I…… Continue reading BP’s New Campaign: Just Hot Air?

Out and Out

I don’t mind the Wall Street Journal and New York Times’ news alerts periodically popping on my desktop (as long as their purveyors don’t get too trigger happy). So far, both have been judicious in what they’ve chosen to send.Take the two WSJ Alerts that moved moments ago, separated by a mere three minutes. The…… Continue reading Out and Out