15 Minutes More

I just heard from my buddy Howard Bragman, fresh off his PR duties on the Ed McMahon foreclosure imbroglio. Howard tipped me off to his latest rehabilitative work-in-progress: Al Reynolds. Who, you ask? Wasn’t he the guy that drove OJ on the infamous LA freeway chase? No. Different Al.This is the guy who, like Al…… Continue reading 15 Minutes More

Cruise Control

People often ask me where PR is headed. (Now there’s a million dollar question.) In taking a page from the PR playbook, I try to keep the answer simple and stupid. After all, it’s not the number of syllables, but rather the quality of the connection that separates the good communicators from the not-so-good. The…… Continue reading Cruise Control

Whining Pitch

I’ve known Hollywood publicist and media strategist Howard Bragman for far too many years either of us would care to admit. We share Burson-Marsteller in our backgrounds, but then again, how many thousands of others have B-M in their past?Howard went on to form Bragman Nyman Cafarelli, which was sold to Interpublic for more than…… Continue reading Whining Pitch

Out and Out

I don’t mind the Wall Street Journal and New York Times’ news alerts periodically popping on my desktop (as long as their purveyors don’t get too trigger happy). So far, both have been judicious in what they’ve chosen to send.Take the two WSJ Alerts that moved moments ago, separated by a mere three minutes. The…… Continue reading Out and Out