Bad Behavior’s Rewards

In the nascent days of this blog, I penned a post on Donald Trump and the catalyst that thrust him onto the national stage. That small, but powerful gesture singlehandedly paved the way for a credible conversation about a Trump Presidential run. Do you remember what it was? I’ll remind you.After years of neglect and…… Continue reading Bad Behavior’s Rewards

Friday’s Video Views

This week’s edition of Video Views features Nike’s CEO on Tiger Woods, social media in publishing, The Facebook Effect, Twitter Chirp, Edelman SM training, and Katie Couric on anonymity in the blogosphere.”Polarizing but authentic” is how Nike president and CEO Mark Parker describes the much-analyzed Tiger Woods TV spot that aired during this year’s Masters…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Joslyn James: 9.0 Magnitude

March 18, 2010Mr. Ari FleischerPresidentAri Fleischer Sports Communications(and George W. Bush Apologist)767 Fifth Avenue44th FloorNew York, NY 10153Dear Ari,Your website boasts of your ability to “help [athletes and sports executives] handle the bad news and take advantage of the good.” So how do you handle this latest piece of bad news?You took full credit for…… Continue reading Joslyn James: 9.0 Magnitude

Athletic PR-owess

With two public (relations) apologies — one major and one minor — now behind us, who in the PR-sphere hasn’t reflected on the “what if’s” of these now fading acts of contrition?What if Tiger hadn’t filled the room with friends and family (as props) but instead allowed in journalists to ask questions (versus delivering a…… Continue reading Athletic PR-owess

Out of the Woods?

I started three blog posts in the past week, and abandoned them all. I simply couldn’t keep up with the fast-moving conversation.The first post involved the White House party crashers, and specifically the public pronouncement by the couple’s “publicist,” one Mahogany Jones, whose Twitter handle (@huslinNstiletos), now dismantled, trumps her My Space page. “We will…… Continue reading Out of the Woods?

Beltway Springboard

You’d be hard-pressed to find a PR calling that beats national politics as a springier springboard to a high-paying, high-profile gig. Makes little difference what you did or how you performed.If you can claim spokesperson duties for any member of the Executive Branch, and you didn’t screw-up too badly, you can invariably write your ticket…… Continue reading Beltway Springboard