NYC Ratchets its Tech Cred

It’s a new year. The ebullient New York tech community picked up where it left off with several notable events: the first New York Tech Meetup of 2012, a Zaarly-sponsored Startup Crawl, and the auspicious piece in The Economist on Mayor Mike’s goal to see New York City give Silicon Valley a run for its…… Continue reading NYC Ratchets its Tech Cred

The School Lobby

This post concerns lobbyists, or that beleaguered segment of the PR profession that prefers the moniker “public affairs specialists.”The “public” on which this group has its sights set tends to be government legislators and regulators at the local, state and federal levels. The Obama administration has sought to tighten the rules pertaining to lobbying (i.e.,…… Continue reading The School Lobby

Maniac World

One of New York City’s great attributes lies in its citizens’ indifference to celebrity sightings and nonchalance toward the unusual. It’s almost as if the 8.2 million New York City residents have seen it all. Very little can phase them, and respecting another’s privacy actually means something.At the height of the M*A*S*H days, I’ll always…… Continue reading Maniac World

Vulgari: A TV Review

Kiefer Sutherland. Here’s a guy who seems to have it all: looks, smarts and a taut, timely, well-written hit series on Fox. Even with all this, he’s headed to jail for 48 days after pleading no contest to a DWI charge. I don’t get it.You didn’t hear about it? Well, for reasons that escape me,…… Continue reading Vulgari: A TV Review

Free Content from Rafat

NWS-DJ: DJ Board Approves Sweeter Severance; 160 Senior Managers Now CoveredTW’s Parsons: Successful Digital Transition Would Make Time Inc. ‘Growth Business For A Long Time’ @ FOOA: Cost Per Action Ads Help Marketers Win Consumers’ Hearts, Minds And Wallets@ FOOA: How Not To Waste Billions Of Advertising DollarsIndustry Moves: Revver Shuffles Execs; Star Moved to…… Continue reading Free Content from Rafat

Tears for Fears

Which of the following offers the most cutting edge PR tactics?A large multi-national public relations agencyA large corporate communications departmentA small, specialized digital PR firm (if there are any) A non-governmental organizationA political campaignThe U.S. governmentThe government of IranIt’s hard to say. After all, a number of the presidential campaigns (#5) are effectively using social…… Continue reading Tears for Fears

Blackout PR’s Blackeye

Last summer, Con Edison, New York City’s electric monopoly, had a big problem, that seemed to go on…and on….and on. It concerned a massive power failure in the NYC Borough of Queens affecting some 350,000 customers.(For my two readers in Jakarta, don’t confuse Queens with New York’s other boroughs of The Bronx, Staten Island, Brooklyn…… Continue reading Blackout PR’s Blackeye