Jack Bauer’s Return

I’ve been thinking about the return to television of “24,” the tense, terrorist-inspired weekly drama whose ticking digitized clock gave “60 Minutes” stopwatch a run for its money.The gripping Fox TV series, which fulfilled the Republicans’ playbook for inciting homeland fear, disappeared from my home screen eons ago, and will soon return to a much…… Continue reading Jack Bauer’s Return

Reg FD for Junior Mints

Junior Mints, Drake’s Coffee Cake, jujubes, Bosco (!)… You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?Yesterday, the FCC agreed to re-evaluate how TV programmers inform their viewers of the paid product placements that surreptitiously appear in scripted fare.It’s one thing for Seinfeld to drop the names of his favorite cult snacks — without a pay-off…… Continue reading Reg FD for Junior Mints

Wouldn’t It Be Nice

I haven’t heard of a pop song running less that 2:30 minutes, well, since The Beach Boys’ “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” (RT 2:25) hit the terrestrial airwaves in ’67 or thereabouts.Nonetheless, that didn’t stop “Regis & Kelly” producer Michael Gelman from demanding that Ringo cut his planned on-air performance to that fleeting length.Ringo, who’s in…… Continue reading Wouldn’t It Be Nice

A Vote for Colbert

So what does Comedy Central’s #2 political satirist (by far) have to lose, except perhaps the election? Clearly an acquired taste, Stephen Colbert announced plans to boost the ratings of his cable TV show and, hopefully lose the last vestiges of his career-enabler, by running for the Office of U.S. President (in South Carolina).Pat Paulsen…… Continue reading A Vote for Colbert

Vulgari: A TV Review

Kiefer Sutherland. Here’s a guy who seems to have it all: looks, smarts and a taut, timely, well-written hit series on Fox. Even with all this, he’s headed to jail for 48 days after pleading no contest to a DWI charge. I don’t get it.You didn’t hear about it? Well, for reasons that escape me,…… Continue reading Vulgari: A TV Review