Jack Bauer’s Return

I’ve been thinking about the return to television of “24,” the tense, terrorist-inspired weekly drama whose ticking digitized clock gave “60 Minutes” stopwatch a run for its money.The gripping Fox TV series, which fulfilled the Republicans’ playbook for inciting homeland fear, disappeared from my home screen eons ago, and will soon return to a much…… Continue reading Jack Bauer’s Return

Huckabee’s Super Bowl Whopper

Everyone knows how much incremental (earned?) media those expensive Super Bowl or Oscar spots generate for those betting their ad budgets on these telecasts. At $2.7 mill for a 30-second Super Bowl spot, we should hope so! (BTW, Fox says its inventory is almost sold out.)Many marketers no doubt count on that PR pop to…… Continue reading Huckabee’s Super Bowl Whopper

PR Cred

So whose great idea was it to bring in a former lawyer, I mean a former district attorney, to take over the PR reins at CNBC? (I mean would you vote for Fred or Rudy as President?) Maybe the content-sharing deal with News Corp-owned Dow Jones is headed into litigious waters?All I know is that…… Continue reading PR Cred