Friday’s Video Views

Astroturf BirthI’m convinced that advertising creatives have different sensibilities than their counterparts in PR. For the former, the ends justify the means, even if one has to stretch the boundaries of taste or veracity. In my last post, I wrote about Crispin Porter’s Super Bowl spots for Groupon. As you know by now, many people…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Groupon in the Red Zone

TV | Super Bowl Ads | SPIKE.comThe last time we visited with the monster of all local couponing sites, it had to do with the unorthodox way the company’s founder deflected the obvious question from NBC Today’s Matt Lauer. Groupon’s Andrew Mason, in the wake of turning down $6 billion from Google, chose to…… Continue reading Groupon in the Red Zone

Flamed on Facebook

I am one who subscribes to Mike Moran’s sage advice to “Do It Wrong Quickly” in which the best-selling author, distinguished engineer, and digital marketing strategist encourages web marketers to experiment until they get it right.After all, the cost to re-jigger an ineffective web or social media campaign is minuscule compared to re-imagining, re-shooting and…… Continue reading Flamed on Facebook

Shoe Circus

I suppose it was the news of Apple passing Google in market cap that prompted Newsweek to take a less-than flattering look at the perennially cool Cupertino company: “In fact, Apple has started looking like what Microsoft was 10 years ago—a company that so controls certain market segments that smaller competitors can survive only by…… Continue reading Shoe Circus

Huckabee’s Super Bowl Whopper

Everyone knows how much incremental (earned?) media those expensive Super Bowl or Oscar spots generate for those betting their ad budgets on these telecasts. At $2.7 mill for a 30-second Super Bowl spot, we should hope so! (BTW, Fox says its inventory is almost sold out.)Many marketers no doubt count on that PR pop to…… Continue reading Huckabee’s Super Bowl Whopper