Firms We Love to Hate

Lloyd BlankfeinJamie DimonPretty much anyone tooling in the PR biz is keyed in on the latest chapter in Goldman Sachs’ extended trial in the court of public opinion.James GormanWhat is it about this particular company that compels the media, regulators, legislators and general public to pounce on it at every turn?  Are Goldman’s standards and…… Continue reading Firms We Love to Hate

Rock Star Founders

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs (photo: Reuters) A much buzzed-about piece in wunderkind Justin Smith’s The Atlantic titled “Steve Jobs’s Law” explains “Why Founders Make the Best Leaders.” It was accompanied by an iconic and familiar image of Mr. Jobs wowing the cult of Mac at one of his soon-to-be legendary product launch events.Author James Kwak writes: “Still, the conventional…… Continue reading Rock Star Founders

Bad Behavior’s Rewards

In the nascent days of this blog, I penned a post on Donald Trump and the catalyst that thrust him onto the national stage. That small, but powerful gesture singlehandedly paved the way for a credible conversation about a Trump Presidential run. Do you remember what it was? I’ll remind you.After years of neglect and…… Continue reading Bad Behavior’s Rewards

Groupon in the Red Zone

TV | Super Bowl Ads | SPIKE.comThe last time we visited with the monster of all local couponing sites, it had to do with the unorthodox way the company’s founder deflected the obvious question from NBC Today’s Matt Lauer. Groupon’s Andrew Mason, in the wake of turning down $6 billion from Google, chose to…… Continue reading Groupon in the Red Zone

Friday’s Video Views

Mason StonewallsOn the elliptical this morning, I unplugged my iPod to watch Matt Lauer interview Groupon founder/CEO Andrew Mason “exclusively.” Who knew that Chicago could produce such a d-bag! Couldn’t Mr. Mason have been better prepared to answer the single most anticipated question: “Did you turn down Google’s $6B offer???” It’s a bit reminiscent of…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Friday’s Video Views

The Newspaper, AlasHere’s one person’s sobering look at (paper) newspapers’ diminished presence in our lives. (via Nextnik’s YouTube channel)Coupon CrazyGroupon CEO Andrew Mason via TechCrunch’s Evelyn RusliSocial Talking (PR) HeadsFive dimensions of social media PR by Cohn & Wolfe’s global digital president @chadlatz: (via @odwyerpr) Sounds good. Now, I ask, whether the world he describes…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views