Twitter’s Hacks & Fakes

My Twitterstream was abuzz these last few days over this little app that could discern what percentage of one’s Twitter followers were Fake, Inactive or Good. BusinessInsider’s Kevin Smith took a look at “how many fake followers the most popular people on Twitter have.” Here’s his topline analysis:76% of Bieber’s Twitter followers Are Fake or…… Continue reading Twitter’s Hacks & Fakes

Your Weekend Viewing

Stop…MotionAs the cool kids are “freaking out” over the Lytro camera, here’s a neat little stop-motion video courtesy of BitRebels (HT Steve Farnsworth).  Email Overload Tee’d Up With emails suffocating many inboxes, here’s a wearable creation to keep track of the madness. (via Launch):A Scottishman in New YorkYes, print still begets broadcast, or in this case, cable. Here’s a…… Continue reading Your Weekend Viewing

Friday’s Video Views

Friends & Followers…ReallyHere’s a Brit who’s taken his social media mojo out into the real world (where it didn’t seem to work). Very clever. H/T Dave Peck via the English National Opera YouTube page!iPod Magic Would you invite this magician to your child’s birthday? Probably not (though he’s coming to mine!) (via Gizmodo)Geek ChicYes the…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Bad Behavior’s Rewards

In the nascent days of this blog, I penned a post on Donald Trump and the catalyst that thrust him onto the national stage. That small, but powerful gesture singlehandedly paved the way for a credible conversation about a Trump Presidential run. Do you remember what it was? I’ll remind you.After years of neglect and…… Continue reading Bad Behavior’s Rewards

Friday’s Video Views

From Wall Street to Silicon AlleyHow Two Wall Street Kids Created A FAST Growing Tech Startup. (via @theBusinessInsiderTorch-erousBetween Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone, the folks at RIM, home to the beleagured Blackberry, certainly have their work cut out for them to hang on to their dwindling share of the smart phone market. Here’s the company’s…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Deceptive PR Practices

That pink sheet for New York’s media cognascenti — The New York Observer — yesterday published an internal New York Times email sent from standards editor Phil Corbett to the newsroom.In it Corbett points out the “pitfalls” of quoting “consultants” whose financial ties to a story are murky. He writes: “This is not a new…… Continue reading Deceptive PR Practices

Prez Presses the Press

If you’re an A-list newsmaker, you can pretty much call the shots over where, when, and how you take your media interviews.And today, there are few bigger newsmakers than the leader of the free world (unless you count celebrity-du-jour Lady Gaga (or that “skank with a brain.”) But I won’t go there.The Wall Street Journal…… Continue reading Prez Presses the Press