Bad Behavior’s Rewards

In the nascent days of this blog, I penned a post on Donald Trump and the catalyst that thrust him onto the national stage. That small, but powerful gesture singlehandedly paved the way for a credible conversation about a Trump Presidential run. Do you remember what it was? I’ll remind you.After years of neglect and…… Continue reading Bad Behavior’s Rewards

Leverage and the Filter

One would be hard-pressed today to attend a media, marketing or PR conference where social media and ground-swelled client case studies didn’t dominate the agenda.I can’t recall a time in which so many similarly themed panels abounded, and this includes the dot-com era. (Admittedly, this PR pro has presided over his share.)The proliferation of these…… Continue reading Leverage and the Filter

ET’s Non-Delivery

I’m sure the folks at “Access Hollywood” were crowing when their arch rival “Entertainment Tonight” appeared to have prematurely delivered Brangelina’s twins on Friday. The AP, on the other hand, was less buoyant after learning that the ET-sourced story it moved may be dubious. It’s not nice to misinform the world’s largest news organization. Or…… Continue reading ET’s Non-Delivery

Angelina’s iPhone Moment

Can the blogosphere crack Apple PR’s “Blue Wall of Silence” enveloping the iPhone?That’s the question the Scobleizer (Robert Scoble) raises today after getting the brush off by an Adobe tech he probed on the status of Flash for the iPhone.WebProNews picked up the post in which Scoble relates:”‘How’s the work on the iPhone version of…… Continue reading Angelina’s iPhone Moment