Friday’s Video Views

Location-Based Photo BoothI haven’t yet heard of a digital camera with a built-in printer in this post-Polaroid era, but I bet they exist. For those who need a paper memento of your momentous meet-up, Instaprint has arrived to complement your Instagram obsession. (via Mashable) Instaprint from BREAKFAST ny on Vimeo.UnsubscriberWhen location-based influencer (Foursquare founder) Dennis…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Friday’s Video Views

This week’s edition of Video Views explores the Brains behind Pandora, visits with IdeaLabs’ Bill Gross, examines Athletes on Social Media, sneaks into AOL’s D8 after-party w/ Walt & Kara, and makes you think with The RSA.The Brains Behind Pandora (via @time).How the recommendation engine behind Pandora Radio — using the Music Genome Project —…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Anatomy of a Controlled Leak

On Monday evening, I tweeted the following: @PeterHimler March shipping date. Price of $1K. My my. How unApple-like for new product details to leak in advance of the launch.8:43 PM Jan 4th from Power Twitter Late yesterday, the good folks from The Mac Observer peeled back the skin of Apple’s seemingly invincible PR department with…… Continue reading Anatomy of a Controlled Leak

Embargoed Instinct

One bought into the pitch. The other didn’t. I’m talking about your two favorite mainstream gadget gurus who today both reviewed Samsung’s iPhone wannabe, the Instinct.Curious to see both Mossberg and Pogue, let alone The AP, all time their reviews for today when the product doesn’t bow at retail until June 20.This is three weeks…… Continue reading Embargoed Instinct

Angelina’s iPhone Moment

Can the blogosphere crack Apple PR’s “Blue Wall of Silence” enveloping the iPhone?That’s the question the Scobleizer (Robert Scoble) raises today after getting the brush off by an Adobe tech he probed on the status of Flash for the iPhone.WebProNews picked up the post in which Scoble relates:”‘How’s the work on the iPhone version of…… Continue reading Angelina’s iPhone Moment