Opportunity at The Apple Store

Queued up outside Apple’s Fifth Ave store in NYC (Scott Stein/USA Today)Taking a cue (or rather a queue) from Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s new tech/multimedia reporter Sam Grobart, who himself took a stylistic cue from his former Times colleague David Pogue, I caught Sam’s video clip today about the queues growing outside Apple Stores everywhere. His take: those lining…… Continue reading Opportunity at The Apple Store

Pinterest’s Growth Scheme: Genius or Sleazy?

Pinterest. Pinterest. Pinterest. Yikes, the noise is deafening. But will the latest social sharing site have legs? In yesterday’s fawning review in The New York Times, David Pogue cites Pinterest’s claim to be: “…the fastest Web site in history to break the 10-million-visitors-a-month threshold.”Fortune’s Dan Primack asks “How to slow Pinsanity. Nothing gets tech bloggers…… Continue reading Pinterest’s Growth Scheme: Genius or Sleazy?

Nook’s Pants on Fire

Kindle FireIt’s not nice to mislead lie to one of the two most influential gadget gurus reviewing today. Well, that’s just what the inimitable David Pogue of The New York Times alleges proves Barnes & Noble did in describing its new Nook e-Reader, built to go head-to-head with Amazon’s much-ballyhooed Kindle Fire. NookWhat’s more, it’s…… Continue reading Nook’s Pants on Fire

Meet the Media

Forbes “Mixed Media” Columnist Jeff BercoviciForbes media watcher Jeff Bercovici set tongues-a-waggin yesterday with his piece piling on an already beleaguered David Pogue. It seems that the consummate and always-entertaining gadget guy for The New York Times and elsewhere, like hundreds of journalists before him, agreed to participate in one of the many industry events…… Continue reading Meet the Media

Friday’s Video Views

Mining Twitter’s SecretsWhen one thinks of search, Google, Bing and Yahoo! come first to mind. In fact, whole industries have arisen for helping individuals and enterprises mine and make sense of search data, let alone the troika of popular social channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, among others. While much of one’s data on…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Friday’s Video Views

The Digital Home According to VerizonVerizon’s Director of Consumer Product Management Ann Shaub gives her company’s vision for the digital home at the 2010 Digital Home Summit (via Alan Weinkrantz). CAPTCHA the MoneyIt appears I’m not alone in my frustration trying to decipher and record those squirrelly letters on many websites. They’re called CAPTCHAs, and…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Friday’s Video Views

This week’s edition of Video Views features David Pogue crooning about his iPhone, a clip on one remedy to bolster print newspaper readership, USA Today’s Jon Swartz at his first SXSWi conference, and a fresh old look at unintended acceleration.Here’s a sobering perspective of newspaper demographics and a potential remedy for preserving readership. (HT @steveouting)…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Wrong Number

A day doesn’t go by without the financial services or pharmaceutical industry taking it on the chin. Both were summarily called to the carpet this week for their profligate behavior — Wall Street for bonuses and big pharma re: drug cost givebacks.Yet relative scant attention is given to the one industry whose transgressions may even…… Continue reading Wrong Number

The Digerati

As the world turned its attention to Apple’s WWDC yesterday to hear the carefully crafted news of the $1199 13″ Macbook Pro and the “stronger” iPhone 3GS, other influencers, including The Times’s inimitable gadget guy David Pogue, opted to attend the suddenly de rigeur Webby Awards in New York City.He wasn’t the only digital luminary…… Continue reading The Digerati