Meet the Media

Forbes “Mixed Media” Columnist Jeff BercoviciForbes media watcher Jeff Bercovici set tongues-a-waggin yesterday with his piece piling on an already beleaguered David Pogue. It seems that the consummate and always-entertaining gadget guy for The New York Times and elsewhere, like hundreds of journalists before him, agreed to participate in one of the many industry events…… Continue reading Meet the Media

Sex in the Media Fishbowl

The inimitable Jeff Bercovici, a survivor of the recent Portfolio (and Condé Nast) trim-down, today tells us about the impending piece from Michael Wolff (at right) in which the Vanity Fair contributor and founder promises to share his fatalistic fling through New York’s gossip grind, and with the New York Post in particular.The titillating…… Continue reading Sex in the Media Fishbowl

See-Through Lingerie

Today’s quote from former New York Times executive editor Howell Raines on his move to Conde Nast Portfolio as a contributing editor and media columnist:”There’s never been a time in which the future of journalism was more fraught than it is now.”I assume he’s alluding to the blurring of news commentary and journalism. Or maybe…… Continue reading See-Through Lingerie


What happens when your old-fashioned PR agency, I mean publicity shop, sets up the interview, and then walks away hoping for the best? And what happens when the interviewee, a newspaper gossip columnist, is incongruously asked about his employer’s increasingly vital digital business strategy?The answers can be found in Jeff Bercovici’s Mixed Media blog today…… Continue reading Walled-In

On the Radar

Jeff Bercovici, the astute media reporter (and blogger) for the reinvented Radar pinged me this morning with his nomination for this week’s “Bad Pitch Blog” entry.It’s US Netcom Corp, which today moved a news release over PR Newswire with the headline:”Could Emergency Phone Notification Have Prevented Virginia Tech Massacre?”It’s reminiscent of the terrorist attacked-inspired Funeral…… Continue reading On the Radar