Hollywood’s Lament

Control. What a concept! As the media splinters at an alarming rate, alarms sound among Hollywood’s PR set over their commensurate loss of control. The phenomenon has thus far eluded the big MSM entertainment outlets like People and US, ET and Access where command and control remains an art…akin to blackmail.It’s those pesky, journalistically challenged…… Continue reading Hollywood’s Lament

See-Through Lingerie

Today’s quote from former New York Times executive editor Howell Raines on his move to Conde Nast Portfolio as a contributing editor and media columnist:”There’s never been a time in which the future of journalism was more fraught than it is now.”I assume he’s alluding to the blurring of news commentary and journalism. Or maybe…… Continue reading See-Through Lingerie

Bhutto and Alba

Alba to wed. Fraser to divorce. Fergie to wed. Penn to divorce. Ahhh. All in a day’s work for the modern entertainment publicist. Jessica’s publicist, Brad Cafarelli, told People: “I can confirm they are engaged.””They continue to maintain a close and caring friendship,” Ina Treciokas, publicist for the 39-year-old actor, said in a statement.Duhamel’s publicist,…… Continue reading Bhutto and Alba

PR Tack-tics

I don’t know what to make of one L.A. publicist’s efforts to create a bold name for himself in the Big Apple.On the one hand, he gets a star turn in Radar online’s “Flacklife” “FlackWatch.” On the other, it points to a side of PR that would make Sidney Falco blush, let alone many others…… Continue reading PR Tack-tics

Blow Me Down!

From Dennis Rice, Disney’s senior vice president for publicity: “When (a senior Disney publicist) forwarded the ashes story to me, I thought, ‘How are we going to spin this?'” Dennis, smart move pulling Keith Richards from the “Pirates” publicity tour (for obvious reasons), but I sure wish you had given some more thought to your…… Continue reading Blow Me Down!

Georgia Off My Mind

The last time we checked in with Ms. Lohan, it concerned her unintelligible electronic eulogy for Robert Altman relayed via PDA to her publicist while teetotaling in Tinseltown.With its April issue, the folks at GQ are giving us another variation of that theme with a Blackberry interview that reached a high enough threshold (in terms…… Continue reading Georgia Off My Mind

L.A. Confidential

In the PR biz, especially among the media relations set, prospective clients and employers frequently judge one’s potential prowess by the girth of his or her Rolodex.For the youthful readers of this space, a Rolodex is a physical apparatus containing rigid, but flippable cards on which one registers, with pen or pencil, contact info for…… Continue reading L.A. Confidential