From Android to Randoid

Crossroads of the WorldClaire Cain Miller, writing from the left coast for the New York Times’s Media & Advertising space today, reports on a new Google campaign to draw attention to its display advertising business.What’s curious about the story — other than the idea that relatively few knew about this dimension of Google’s primary revenue…… Continue reading From Android to Randoid

But is It Optimized for Search?

As Yahoo! threw out its last lifeline to prevent it from falling into the arms of the boys from Redmond, Google was there to save the struggling online enterprise. Few at the time thought, or rather played up, how much turbulence such a Google-Yahoo ad partnership would generate from the regulatory authorities both here and…… Continue reading But is It Optimized for Search?

Hollywood’s Lament

Control. What a concept! As the media splinters at an alarming rate, alarms sound among Hollywood’s PR set over their commensurate loss of control. The phenomenon has thus far eluded the big MSM entertainment outlets like People and US, ET and Access where command and control remains an art…akin to blackmail.It’s those pesky, journalistically challenged…… Continue reading Hollywood’s Lament

A Dose of SEM

You may remember Elinor Mills who made a name for herself by revealing a bit too much about Google CEO Eric Schmidt. This in turn prompted the search/advertising monopoly to banish her from its journalist-in-good-standing list.Moments ago, Ms. Mills piled on an infectious story in which a Google Health blogger used all the attention that…… Continue reading A Dose of SEM

Quants, Diets and Swimsuits

Steve Lohr’s piece in yesterday’s New York Times “Small Business” section explored some forward-looking online advertising scenarios for the SEM crowd. The so-called “quants” have raised the algorithm stakes to now let display ads find their online target, or more precisely, let the target find the most psychographically appropriate ads.Last year, this blogger posted on…… Continue reading Quants, Diets and Swimsuits