CrunchBase, Vator.TV…

Three digital trends coalesce to offer a new “placement” opportunity for PR pros. They are: digital video as a communications vehicle, engaging A-list bloggers, and the wisdom of the crowds.In an interview with Beet.TV’s Andy Plesser, TechCrunch’s NY-based co-editor Erick Schonfeld revealed details about CrunchBase, a “free directory of technology companies, people, and investors that…… Continue reading CrunchBase, Vator.TV…

“Thrilled” and “Excited”

“…according to a person briefed on the negotiations who would not be identified because the deal has not been formally announced.” This is from this morning’s New York Times business story by the paper’s youthful TV reporter and decoder Brian Stelter. It pre-reports the deal between Apple and HBO to finally offer for sale the…… Continue reading “Thrilled” and “Excited”

Life Casting

On Friday, I touched on the trend among a new breed of photo agencies that crowdsource-for-profit celeb pics captured by you, me or anyone for that matter.I observed that the fees doled out for images of out-of-context (e.g., out-of-control) A-listers have fueled the growth of the Patrick McMullan-wannabe movement. There’s simply money to be made…… Continue reading Life Casting

Hollywood’s Lament

Control. What a concept! As the media splinters at an alarming rate, alarms sound among Hollywood’s PR set over their commensurate loss of control. The phenomenon has thus far eluded the big MSM entertainment outlets like People and US, ET and Access where command and control remains an art…akin to blackmail.It’s those pesky, journalistically challenged…… Continue reading Hollywood’s Lament

Blogging Davos

Tooling on Twitter this morning, I stumbled cross Robert Scoble’s inducement to follow his reportage from the World Economic Forum in Davos. Since his tweet was short and non-specific (aren’t all tweets?), I passed it by: Scobleizer [seesmic] Qik video –… 14 minutes ago from SeesmicA few lines later, Shel Israel, whom I also…… Continue reading Blogging Davos

The Beet on AP’s Video Dreams

Did anyone notice the video post on Beet.TV yesterday? If you didn’t, take a look. My buddy Andy Plesser, whose Walter Mittyesque existence waivers between PR man and vlogging crusader, caught up with The AP’s head of global broadcast strategy Jim Kathman.Kathman (exclusively) outlined the partnership between the world’s largest news organization and Microsoft in…… Continue reading The Beet on AP’s Video Dreams